Not all signals look like this. According to what I've seen on other websites, most of the Australia signals look about 80% like our U.S. signals.






These signals are a little different than the american ones. The lights are one piece instead of 2 circle backgrounds. Some similarities are the "STOP ON RED SIGNAL" sign and the bell. The gates are a little different too. They have 3 lights, but they bend off a little from the gates.


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These 3 crossings from Port Augusta and Quorn, South Australia have some characteristics as US signals, including US type stop signs. Australian crossings use "RAILWAY CROSSING" instead of "RAILROAD CROSSING" in the US. They also use "RAILWAY CROSSING" signs on each side of the crossing as illustrated in pictures 7 and 8.


The red background signs in pictures 7 and 8 are being dropped in favor for black background signs seen in picture 6.


You can see a speed sign with a red circle around it. That's their speed limit in Kilometers per hour. The "GIVE WAY" sign underneath the crossbuck in picture 7 has the same meaning as "YIELD" in the US.


Australians drive on the left side of the road. That's why the signs are on the left side of the road, instead of the right.


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A standard pedestrian crossing in Victoria.
A typical Australian cantilever set-up in Victoria.
A rare red and white striped pedestrian gate arm in Victoria.


Pictures 9-11 were taken by TrickyMario7654. 9 and 10 were taken on 1-4-2014, Picture 11 was taken on 9-19-2016.