All pictures were taken on December 15, 2017, by Tommy McGowan.
This park features several crossbucks and one signal, as well as some neat signs.  There is also a miniature scale railroad running in a loop around the park.

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This crossbuck and signal are at the east end of the city.  Front view facing south.
Back view of the crossbuck and signal facing north.
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Front view of the crossbuck.
Rear view.
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The lone signal in the park.  This has 2 pairs of 8"x20" US&S incandescents and a marbled black 3 tracks sign.
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A very odd way to make a crossing grade.
Track view facing west on the miniature loop track.
Track view fcaing east.
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An N&W caboose resides here as well, and a pair of crossbucks sit on each side of it.  Here's the north side one with a wrongly installed, Harmon font, marble eyed crossbuck.  Can you get more special than that?
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Here's the south side one which is a much more standard type of crossbuck.
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Another view of the miniature track.
These old searchlights are on the neighboring TP&W mainline, but are turned away.
Closer view of the old EB signal.  They protected the now gone diamond with the former N&W line from Chicago to Decatur.The old N&W depot, which has been beautifully restore.  There is also an old turntable behind the depot.