Pictures 1-29 were taken on January 15, 2023, by Hopen111.
Pictures 30-31 were taken on April 8, 2024, by Hopen111.
This crossing is located on the BNSF Bayard Subdivision.
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This crossing is interesting, it has a one of a kind install which includes two custom made light thingys. Only 3 crossings with these exist (Two in Bayard and one at Farnhamville, IA). At one point they most likely used to flash red, but years ago their power was disconnected.
I'm pretty sure that these were most likely installed by Landus, which is the only customer that all three of these crossings were installed next to.
There is no company branding on any part of these lights, but the lenses say "WELDON NO. 1010".

Street View from September 2021 shows the BNSF Bayard Local next to the crossing! No changes to the crossing have occurred since 2021.
Overview facing north. Overview facing south.
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The northern signal and crossbuck.
Picture 3-4 shows the electric wiring. The cover says "SUITABLE FOR WET LOCATIONS". There also appears to be two logos that say "UE" and "SA".
Picture 5 shows some pieces of the lens on the ground. Seems it has been replaced since then.
Picture 9 shows two older generations of BNSF DOT tags! Surprisingly there isn't a modern blue DOT tag here yet.
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The southern signal and crossbuck.
In picture 18 you can see the lightbulb and the text on the lens that says "WELDON".
Picture 20 shows two older generations of BNSF DOT tags! There also isn't the newer blue version here either.
Mainline track view facing east towards Locust Ave. Customer track view facing east towards Locust Ave. Mainline track view facing west towards 1st Ave. Customer track view facing west towards 1st Ave.
Ex BNSF 3517 (a SW1200) sits on the track here. As far as I know, it hasn't moved in years! The rails aren't too rusted by the crossing probably thanks to the hoppers needed by the customer here.

A return visit a year later in April 2024 shows no changes have happened to the crossing.
However, the switcher moved!

Overview facing north. Note the hoppers on both sides.
The switcher is paired with some MOW equipment.