>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eastern Signal Western Signal
Bell: N/A GS E-Bell
Base: Safetran 5" Single Sided Siemens 5" Single Sided
Light Brackets: RSI Safetran
Lights: 4 - 12"x20" RSI w/ RSI LEDs 4 - 12"x24" Safetran w/ GE Uniform Look LEDs
Gate Lights: 3 - RECO 4" LEDs 3 - RECO 4" LEDs
Gate Mechanism: Safetran 1980s Siemens Imprinted
Gate Striping: Vertical Striping Vertical Striping

Pictures 1-21 were taken on March 10, 2023, by Hopen111.
This crossing is located on the CPKC Ottumwa Subdivision.
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Note the daily train count was before the merger. The current count is most likely much higher now with new intermodal trains running through here.

Street View from August 2013 shows the signals before the RSI lights were installed. This crossing used to have an NEG E-Bell on a CP owned mainline!
Later in September 2015, the lights were replaced on each signal with RSI lights!
A wayside signal to the southwest.
Overview facing east. Overview facing west.
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7 8 9 10
The eastern signal.
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14 15 16 17
The western signal.
The relay bungalow in the northeast quadrant. The grade is all concrete. Track view facing northwest towards Caldwell St. Track view facing southwest towards Gateway Dr.