Facing West.

Facing North.

There's a grade seen in the distance...

Facing South.

Facing East.


These ugly 12"x24" signals belong to Safetran. The mechanical bell seen in picture 1 also belongs to Safetran.

Pictures 1- 4 were taken on December 5, 2006.


The crossing was signalized sometime in 1997 from just 2 crossbucks, probably after the accident listed above.


Facing East.
A Safetran signal base on the East signal.
The Safetran 12X24 incandescant lights on the East signal.
Facing West.
A Safetran signal base on the West signal.
Safetran 12X24 incandescant lights, and a Safetran mechanical bell on the West signal.
Facing North. A small wooden grade in the distance.
Facing South.
A rather small relay bungalow.


Aside from the change of scenery, nothing has changed to this crossing in July 2014.

Pictures 5-13 were taken on July 13th, 2014

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