Facing North.

Facing South.
Facing NorthEast.
Facing SouthWest.


A small manual box locked up that can set the signals off automatically without a train coming by.


According to the FRA, this crossing was signalized in 1997. Before that, the crossing was just crossbucks.


The lights are likely WCH, and the bell is likely WCH/WRRS.

Pictures 1-5 were taken on December 5, 2006.


Facing North
A WCH signal base for the North signal.
The WCH 12X24 lights with Alstom LEDs on the North signal.
WCH light housing on the North signal.
Facing South. The cantilever is made by Progress Rail!
The crossing DOT on the South signal.
The gate is mounted to the cantilever!
The WCH 12X24 lights with Alstom LEDs on the cantilever
A WCH mechanical bell on the cantilever mast.
Facing Northeast. The relay case to the left of the tressle.
Facing Southeast


This crossing got a MASSIVE makeover sometime after 2012, because Google Streetview still has the old setup on their site. I am not sure why the crossing was changed to its current state, but I am sure there was a pretty good reason.


Pictures 6-16 were taken July 13, 2014

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