Facing West.

Facing North. There's something blocking the tracks...
Here's what's in the middle of the tracks...




Facing East.

Facing South.
A caboose! It's probably on display or something?


Pictures 1 - 6 were taken on December 5, 2006. All signal parts are from Safetran, including the mechanical bell. According to the FRA, this crossing was signalized in 1997. Before that, the crossing was just crossbucks.


This crossing is the last one on this line. It does continue for about another 1 mile or so to the Northeast, but dead ends shortly before crossing US 202/State highway 4.


A small part of the roadbed can still be visible on Google maps or Google Earth.


Facing East. The caboose that sat under the building in picture 6 is no longer there.
Safetran 12X24 incandescant lights on the East signal.
Facing West.
Safetran 12X24 incandescant lights and mechanical bell on the West signal.
A close up of the Safetran mechanical bell.
Facing South. The relay bungalow to the left of the tracks.
Facing North, going into an industrial yard.


In 2014, the crossing doesn't show any changes to it.

Pictures 7-13 were taken on July 12th, 2014

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