The railroad that owns this crossing is the Safe Handling Railway, although the FRA does say that the crossing is also owned by the Maine Department of Transportation.






Facing East.

Here's another WRRS mini-bell!

Facing North.

Facing South.

Facing West.


This line spins off of the main line between the Spring Street and Union Street railroad crossings, heading North, then curving NorthWest.


Although it doesn't look like one, this crossing is defunct, but there are a few mysteries though...


The line went officially defunct on December 4, 2000. The lights were 8" WCH or (likely) WRRS back then. They're now 12"x24" incandescent Safetran lights. I'm glad they left the WRRS mini-bell alone though.


The next crossing South of here, Pleasant Street has "EXEMPT" signs, whereas this one doesn't have them, or "TRACKS OUT OF SERVICE" signs. The FRA says this crossing just has crossbucks though as of 1995.


There could be a chance that this line could come back from the dead. The relay case was powered up and working!


Chances of this line coming back from the dead seem very unlikely though, upon following the line (about 50-75 miles) from Brunswick, all the way up to Lewiston. I've found that near the Brunswick area, the tracks are in good shape, but the further Northwest you go, past Lisbon and Lisbon Falls, the line seems to fall apart, and the tracks look like they've been paved over at the grade crossings. If this line is to come back to life, there's going to be a LOT of work involved to bring it back.


All pictures were taken on December 9, 2006.