Facing West.

Facing North.

Facing South.


There are a total of 5 pairs of WCH 8" incandescant lights. two gated signals with 2 extra pedestrian gates. The mechanical bell on the West signal is a Safetran, and the Mechanical bell on the East signal is a WCH. The gates are all WCH as well.


In pictures 2 and 3, you can see a LOT of crossings in the distance.




Facing East.

A closeup of the DOT number.


I wonder why an extra set of rear flashers were put on the left signal in picture 4? There doesn't look like that much of a hill there. 8" cantilevers would've been better in this case.


The FRA says this crossing is in a quiet zone. Trains cannot sound their horns at this crossing.

All pictures were taken on December 27, 2006.