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Facing North.

Facing East. North Rd. #4 is in the distance.

Facing West.

Facing South. Look how low these lights are!


The 8" lights belong to WCH, WRRS, and GRS. There is one mechanical bellmade by Safetran seen in picture 4. The bases are made by WCH.


As you can see in pictures 2 and 3 that even though there are 3 tracks, one seems to be abandoned as you can easilly see. The weird thing is that the FRA does list the 3 tracks until 2001, then cut it back to just 1 track! It should be 2 tracks, not 1.


Pictures 1-4 were taken on November 22, 2006.


Facing East.
The East signal.
WCH 12X20 light housing on the East signal.
A US&S model 95 gate mechanism on the East signal.
Facing West down the tracks.
Facing East down the tracks, heading to North Rd #4.
Facing North. The crossing DOT plate to the right.
A GS Type 2 E bell on the North signal.
Another US&S Model 95 gate mechanism on the North signal.
A WCH signal base on the North signal.
A fully equipped pedestrian signal.
Facing South.
The South Signal also has a GS Type 2 E bell.
12X20 RSI LED's and a US&S model 95 gate mechanism on the South signal.
The relay bungalow.


A return trip to the crossing on July 13th, 2014 shows the crossing got completely redone with 5 gated signals with one being a pedestrian signal, 12X20 RSI LED's in WCH housing and 2 GS E bells. Each signal also has a US&S model 95 gate mechanism. The 2 abandoned tracks shows in pictures 2 and 3 were removed, but some of the cross ties can still be seen in pictures 9 and 10. The whole reason for this crossing to be upgraded is because of Amtrak.


A Amtrak train comes from the South!
A former Amtrak F40PH, now a baggage car is on the tail end.
The gates go up.


On July 18th, 2014, I was able to catch Amtrak going North through the crossing towards Freeport, and Brunswick. A video is down below!