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Facing Southeast.

Facing South.

Facing North. North Rd. #1 is in the distance.

Facing Northeast.


The St. Lawrence & Atlantic railroad made a big mistake by not putting a crossbuck on the mast on the cantilever in picture 4. Before the upgrade, the crossing had two 8" gateless signals with a mechanical bell.


The front lights on the mast on the cantilever are 12"x20". All the rest are 12"x24". The lack of rear lights is another downfall to this crossing IMO. All the crossing lights are Safetran Fading L.E.D.'s

Every signal part, comes from Safetran. Even the mechanical bell seen on picture 4.


Pictures 1-4 were taken on November 22, 2006.


Facing South.
Safetran 12X24 fading LED's on the South signal.
The Crossing DOT plate on the South signal.
Facing Northwest, North Rd. #1 in the distance.
Facing Southeast, heading to North Rd. #2.
The North Safetran gated cantilever.
Facing North.
The Safetran mechanical bell for the crossing on the cantilever.
12X24 Safetran fading LED's on the cantilever, as well as the signals crossbuck.
The relay bungalow.


A return trip to the crossing on July 13th, 2014 shows no changes to the signals. However, on July 15th, 2015 I was able to catch the crossing in action! This is the same train from Intervale Rd #1, and West Elm St.


This was very important to get this crossing in action, because in 2016, St. Lawrence & Atlantic cut a section of track out at Danville Junction and now no one runs this track. Maine Department of Transportation still own the track apparently, so its why the crossing remains active, though I wont know for how much longer. The only purpose this track served was for St. Lawrence & Atlantic to run a single hopper full of dried beans to the Boston Baked Bean Co. in Portland. However, this hurt St. Lawrence more, because they were not making much, if any profit from running a single hopper to and from the factory while maintaining the line, signals, etc. That's why St. Lawrence abandoned this part of their line.