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Facing West with a background that's peeling off.
A DOT number.
Facing South towards Elm St. #2. There's a defunct track to the left!
Facing East.


Facing North.


All 8" lights and the mechanical bell on picture 4 are from WRRS.


Pictures 1-5 were taken on November 22, 2006.


Facing West.
The West signal.
A GS type 2 E bell on the West signal.
12X20 RSI LED's on the west signal.
Facing North.
Facing South.
Facing East.
A US&S Model 95 gate mechanism on the East signal.
12X20 RSI LED's on the East signal.
Another GS type 2 E bell on the East signal.
The relay bungalow.
The crossing DOT plate.


On July 13th, 2014 the crossing has had a huge change to it! The two former 8" signals have been replaced with 2 gated signals, with 12X20 RSI LED's GS type 2 E bells, and US&S model 95 gate mechanisms. The reason for the upgrade was Amtrak heading to Freeport and Brunswick.