MPs:  35.00, 17.82


  Created September 3, 2016
   (Updated June 12, 2017)

Total Accidents: 4

Crossing DOT #s: 511732Y (NS) 867540S (CN)

TOTAL DAILY TRAINS: 18 (NS: 12 as of 2014) (CN: 6 as of 2010)   

 All photographs were taken by Seth Burzynski.

Photographs 1-27 were taken on August 7, 2016.

Photographs 26-39 were taken on February 19, 2017.



Crossing overview facing west. Crossing overview facing east.
3 4 5 6
Facing north. Facing south.
7 8
The bell on the eastern signal is a Safetran Type 3. The bell on the western signal is made by General Signals.
9 10 11
The gate mechanism on the eastern signal is made by Invensys Rail. The gate mechanism on the western signal is made by Safetran. The signal bases are made by Safetran.
12 13 14 15
The lights on the eastern signal are Safetran Dialight Ball L.E.D. lights. The lights on the western signal are Safetran incadescent lights. The signal brackets are made by Safetran.
16 17
Views of the crossing ID tags.
18 19 20 21
View of the relay cabinet. Rear views of the signals. Front view of the eastern signal.
22 23 24 25
There are two blackout signals for this crossing. View of the Preemption signals. View of the signals at the intersection. View of the eastern bridge over the River Raisin.
26 27
There use to be another track on the eastern bridge. View of the western bridge. This bridge recently replaced a much older bridge, click here to view the previous bridge.
28 29
There is a train coming!
30 31 32 33
34 35 36 37
38 39
Active views of the crossing and views of the train.
There use to be two gateless signals in the middle of the crossing, click here to view them.