MP:  35.00


  Created September 3, 2016

Total Accidents: 6

Crossing DOT #s: 511673Y

TOTAL DAILY TRAINS: 12 (as of 2014)  

 All photographs were taken by Seth Burzynski.

Photographs 1-16 were taken on August 28, 2016.

Photographs 17-21 were taken on August 7, 2016.



Crossing overview facing west. Crossing overview facing east.Facing north.Facing south.
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The lights and signal brackets are made by Safetran.The gate mechanisms are made by Invensys Rail.The signal base on the western signal is made by SafetranThe eastern signal is made by Raco.
9 10 1112
The eastern bell is made by Western-Cullen Hayes.The western bell is a Safetran type 3.View of the relay cabinet.View of the crossing ID tag.
13 14 15 16
Rear views of the signals.The gatemechanism and mast with the rear lights is connected to the cantilever.View of the bridge over the River Raisin.
Photographs 17-21 are active views of the crossing.
17 18 1920