You've heard me mention RFD-TV before on the California section. They have a program called "I LOVE TOY TRAINS" on that channel that shows model trains, as well as a few real ones including the Grand Canyon Railway. Anyway, this is where it all happened. I don't think it was filmed here, but anyway these are the people who made the show. You can find VHS and DVDs of the show in this store.






You are welcomed by a flashing 8" signal in front of the store. The lights flash very fast (about 3-4 flashes per second), with no sound. Take a look at picture 2. A small spider is near the red light. There wasn't one in the other light.




Also inside the store is a small O scale layout with 4 trains running at the same time. None of the signals worked at the same time. They were all controlled by push buttons. Picture 6 shows a wigwag moving. It was named Block signal for some reason. Picture 7 shows the cantilever lights flashing.




Picture 8 shows a gate in the down position on the opposite side of the crossing. Picture 9 is from the other side. Picture 10 shows the cantilever lights flashing again.


I caught the lights in mid-flash which is rare to get, being that the lights are L.E.D. and don't fade out and in.

I was given permission to post these pictures by the owner of the store.


The store sells some model railroad equipment, but mostly in O and G scale. HO, N, and Z scales are not offered there.

I would have stayed longer, but we were still on the road to Midland at the time. I didn't have time to say anything to anyone about anything due to a lack of time, although I wish I did now.


Their website is located here: