>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Northern Signal Southern Signal
Bell: WRRS Mini Bell None
Base: WRRS Federal Signal
Light Brackets: WRRS WRRS
Lights: WRRS 8" with WRRS Incandescents WRRS 8" with WRRS Incandescents

Pictures 1-18 were taken on March 28, 2024, by Highball Artist.
This crossing is located on the Conway Scenic Mountain Divison.
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These are some of the oldest signals on the CSRR, being a Maine Central install likely from the 50s or 60s. It remains almost entirely original, with the exception of one replacement FS base. It features one of four WRRS mini bells on the CSRR.

NOTE: Daily train count is assuming both CSRR's Sawyer River and Mountaineer excursions are running. Count varies depending on day and time of year.

Overview facing north. Overview facing south.
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6 7 8
The northern signal.
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The southern signal.
The relay case. Track view facing east towards Rolling Ridge Rd. Track view facing west towards Main St.