Northern Signal
Southern Signal
Bell:GS E Bell
Base: Safetran Double Sided
Safetran Double Sided
Main Lights: 2 pairs of 12"x24" Safetran incandescents
2 pairs of 12"x24" Safetran incandescents
Light Bracket:
Gate Lights: 4" RECO
Gate Mechanism: Safetran
Gate Striping: //////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////
Crossbuck font:
Normal font, condensed?
Normal font, condensed
Bell Cycle: Unknown

All pictures were taken on May 8, 2017, by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on the CSX Garrett Sub.

I was in a rush to get to a siren test, and I completely forgot to photograph the northern signal while I was here.

Overview of 2 gated signals facing north.
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The southern signal.  Someone decided to be funny with their knock off Dr. Pepper.
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The relay bungalow in the northeast quadrant.
The grade is wood and asphalt.
Track view facing west towards Road 6 in Hamler.
Track view facing east towards Route 65.