All pictures were taken on October 24, 2018, by Tommy McGowan.
This depot and the rest of the equipment here is located along the NS Chicago Line.

Overview of the depot from the east side.
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This crossbuck is at the eastern entrance to the depot and is an old Harmon font marble-eyed sign.
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Whistle post sign on the north side.
The sign for the Wauseon Depot.
An old LS&MS caboose on display.
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Another view from the front.  You can walk up to the deck, but the door was locked when I was here.
An old switch stand from Airline Yard in Toledo.
Another view of the depot from the southwest.
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This signal is on the west side of the depot.  It was donated by Lowell and Marilyn Yoder.  It has pretty much all WRRS equipment, including the 8" lights and the mechanical bell.