Changes throughout Murfressboro and Tullahoma

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Changes throughout Murfressboro and Tullahoma

Post by Ethan the Railfanner » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:43 pm

On November 3, 2018, On my way to a place my dad has to work at, I decided to stop along the CSX Chattanooga Subdivison through the pit-stops along the line.

I'll start with Murfressboro:

West Main Street - The crossing got upgraded to Leotek LEDs.

Old Salem Road - The crossing also got upgrade to Leotek LEDs as well. Both the WRRS Mechanical and Safetran Type 2 Bells are still there as well.

Middle Tennessee Blvd - Both cantilevers' back lights are now Safetran 12x24 Lights with WCH 2nd Gen. LEDs. The overhead lights on both cantilevers are now 2 Pairs of Safetran 12x24 Lights with Leotek LEDs and 1 Pair of Federal Signal 12x20 Lights with Leotek LEDs for both of the cantilevers.

Now Tullahoma:

The only change I noticed is that Grundy Street got an LED upgrade: The lights are mostly Safetran 12x24 Lights with WCH 2nd Gen. LEDs. The only difference is that the canoliver with the Safetran Type 2 E-Bell has 2 Pairs of WCH 12x24 Lights with Leotek LEDs. The other lights are Safetran 12x24 Lights with WCH 2nd Gen. LEDs. Sadly, the WCH Mechanical Bell at the crossing was dead... None of the other crossings (As Far As I'm Aware Of) have been changed.

Yes, I have photos and videos of these changes, but these are coming soon.
For 2019, I'll be making frequent trips back up to Kentucky, along with a few up in Ohio. I will see about getting RR Crossing Pictures in other parts of TN during 2019 as well. I may also see about getting out to South Carolina at some point for crossings as well, but that remains to be seen for right now.
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