Locations of Currenctly Existing GRS/WRRS Gate Mechanisms

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Locations of Currenctly Existing GRS/WRRS Gate Mechanisms

Postby MapsSurfer » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:53 pm

Since there wasn't already a topic on these once common gate mechanisms, I guess I'll start one. This thread is for all gate mechanisms built by and labeled with the GRS Company and their logo. Please forgive any reposts of crossings already on site.

ADMIN EDIT: Also gonna allow for WRRS and WRRS/GRS gate mechanisms in this thread, as they look exactly the same without seeing the backs.
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Re: Locations of Currenctly Existing GRS/WRRS Gate Mechanism

Postby MapsSurfer » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:05 pm

I guess I'll finally kick this thread off with this very interesting find in the FEC's former Automobile Loading Yard.
Apparently the FEC decided to equip the entrance of the facility with not one, but THREE GRS Gate Mechanisms serving as Boom Gates.

Here is a 2011 capture of the Entrance.




Today, the location is now home to the South Florida Logistics Center. They moved In after the FEC transferred it's Automobile Loading Bay elsewhere.
Surprisingly, two of the Gate Mechanisms still exist! For longer, we don't know.

Here they are, the third one was disposed of years ago.

Bonus: At the Main Entrance to the FEC Hialeah Yard there was once a pair WABCO Gate Mechanisms serving the same purpose as the ones above.
They were no longer operable when Google Maps rolled by.
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