Pulaski Street, Lawrenceburg, TN

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Pulaski Street, Lawrenceburg, TN

Postby freebrickproductions » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:55 pm

*originally recorded on 8-16-18*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of Modern Industries 8 inch lights.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of WRRS 8 inch lights and a General Signals Type 2 electronic bell.

I then chased the TSRR into downtown Lawrenceburg, where there were two crossings one block apart that I wanted to record. As such, I set-up my two cameras at both crossings to record them, with this one being recorded by my back-up camera. The crossing is the last crossing on this part of the TSRR to retain 8 inch lights, which is the main reason I wanted to record it. However, I didn't get any pictures of this crossing in action as I had set-up with my main camera at the next crossing north due to it having some even rarer equipment in use. Had I known this crossing would activate so long before it did though, I might've gotten some action shots here and rushed up to the next crossing to get it. It also appears that the right-hand signal is the original signal at this crossing while the left-hand signal was likely a knock-down replacement. The right-hand signal still had a mechanical bell (likely the original WRRS bell to the signal) around 10 years ago, though it was replaced by 2013 with the current General Signals e-bell, likely due to the old bell dying. The crossing also tail-ring malfunctioned after the train had passed.

http://www.rxrsignals.com/Tennessee/Law ... rg/Pulaski
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