Main Street (TN 129), Lynnville, TN

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Main Street (TN 129), Lynnville, TN

Postby freebrickproductions » Sat Sep 01, 2018 2:42 pm

*originally recorded on 8-30-18*

Signal on the left: 4 pairs of WCH 12x24 inch lights with WCH 2nd Generation LEDs and a General Signals Type 3 electronic bell.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of Modern Industries 12x20 inch lights with Patco LEDs, 1 pair of WCH 8 inch lights, and 1 pair of Modern Industries 8 inch lights.

This crossing is the next signalized crossing south of the one in Culleoka. It used to have a pair of these older WCH/Federal Signal cantilevers from the L&N at it, though the one on the far side appears to have been wiped out by a car sometime between 2015 and now, though the foundation for it still remains. Unfortunately, the old signal was a Federal Signal cantilever with what appears to have been a WRRS bell, WRRS 8 inch lights, Federal Signal 8 inch lights, and Federal Signal 12x20 inch lights. It appears that this crossing is no stranger to being struck by cars. The right-hand signal is a WCH cantilever (which means it would've been installed after the one that was on the far side) with all MI equipment, aside from the front mast lights which were WCH lights likely installed by CSX. The newer signal on the far side has also already had one of the side lights knocked out of alignment by a car.
This crossing is also in the middle of an offset intersection, which is set-up to be a 4-way stop, interestingly enough. Due to this layout, it appears none of the railroads that operated through here have ever bothered to have extra signals for the side roads installed, instead relying on side lights on the two signals for the main roads.
The General Signals Type 3 here was also certainly a bit of a surprise, as I had been expecting a Type 2. I think I also know where two more Type 3s may be along the TSRR. The MI 12x20s on the WCH cantilever here are also the 1st Generation ones, with the logo in the center of the back rather than the bottom.
Just north of this crossing is the Lynnville Depot, which has a WRRS wig-wag from the L&N on display with a Federal Signal bell on it. There is a small relay case next to the signal, though I don't know if it works or not as no one was there when I visited, and neither of the switched on the side of the case did anything. A mystery for another time I suppose. I also suspect it was originally installed at this crossing, though if the Federal Signal bell was put up before it was replaced, then the bell likely didn't see much use and would've been on display for longer than it was in service.
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