BNSF Lynden Branch in Jeopardy

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BNSF Lynden Branch in Jeopardy

Postby LARDLOGO » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:01 pm

The BNSF Lynden Branch is going under some serious times.

First off, the south end of the line is always going to be used. It's basically an industrial lead that services four industries. EPL Feed (Farm Supplies), Desticon (Rabanco/ Republic garbage), Teal Jones (Lumber) and IKO Pacific (Shingles.) The line south of the Halverstick Road crossing is often used for temporary car storage.

The line ends in the city of Lynden where there are currently two industries. Martin's Feed (Cotton Seed and Fertilizer delivered from EPL in Sumas) and VersaCold/ AmeriCold (Frozen berries.)

Not too long ago, Martin's Feed announced that they were moving operations to Sumas. A new industry has been built and it began getting railcars last friday. According to sources, Martin's Feed has stated that they will continue operating out of Lynden for the rest of the year and Versa/Ameri Cold is committed to service until their contract expires. Versacold will be the last industry left on the line if this happens, and if they cancel, the line from Clearbrook to Lynden could go kaput.

Went by Martin's Feed and they had a string of boxcars and a couple of hoppers. Americold had one Cryo-Trans reefer. I'll keep you updated on the future of the line.
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Re: BNSF Lynden Branch in Jeopardy

Postby freebrickproductions » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:48 am

In terms of branch lines on the edge, there are a few in my area:
  • The NS Champion Paper Branch, which has only one customer left along the line after the main customer (International Paper) shut-down a few years back.
  • The unnamed NS branch in Scottsboro, which only has one customer left along it out of at least three.
  • The CSX branch line in Bridgeport, which used to serve an industry and a coal plant that had the coal plant shut down.
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