Update #870

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Update #870

Post by TommyBNSF » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:33 pm

3 new videos of 3 existing crossings from Bonfield, IL
123 new pictures and 2 new videos of 4 new crossings from Grant Park, IL
6 new pictures and 2 new videos of 3 updated crossings from Limestone, IL
445 new pictures and 3 new videos of 1 updated and 18 new crossings from Momence, IL
3 new videos of 3 existing crossings from Reddick, IL
63 new pictures of 3 new crossings from Sollitt, IL
2 new videos of 2 existing crossings from Union Hill, IL
400 new pictures and 19 new videos of 7 updated crossings from Wilmington, IL

Not a huge update this time, as I had some family stuff come up, plus trying out a new job. Most notable part of this update is the upgrading of the crossings in Wilmington, IL. Almost all of them are quad gated now.
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Re: Update #870

Post by Ethan the Railfanner » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:42 pm

Good Update!

Errors I noticed:
In Grant Park, IL, when I try to click on Taylor Street (Route 1), it leads me to the dead end page, not the crossing itself.
You probably might want to delete picture 32 at Route 1 (Range Street) in Mornence IL though, because that's a duplicate of Picture 22.
For 2019, I'll be making frequent trips back up to Kentucky, along with a few up in Ohio. I will see about getting RR Crossing Pictures in other parts of TN during 2019 as well. I may also see about getting out to South Carolina at some point for crossings as well, but that remains to be seen for right now.
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Re: Update #870

Post by freebrickproductions » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:52 am

One of the lights on the western signal here is a 12x20:

Some issues with the page layout here:

Both of the signals here are labeled as "the new northern signal":
https://www.rxrsignals.com/Illinois/R-Z ... /Kankakee/
There should be a legal limit as to how humid it can be on any given day during the summer here in the South...

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