Update #877

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Update #877

Post by freebrickproductions » Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:17 am

42 pictures and 1 video of 1 updated crossing in Brentwood, TN.
104 pictures of 4 new crossings in Burns, TN.
47 pictures of 2 new crossings in Cedar Hill, TN.
170 pictures of 6 new crossings in Clarksville, TN.
222 pictures of 8 new crossings and 1 updated crossing in Dickson, TN.
139 pictures and 7 videos of 6 new crossings and 1 updated crossing in Gallatin, TN.
74 pictures of 4 new crossings in Kingston Springs, TN.
1 new video of 1 updated crossing in Mitchellville, TN.
84 pictures and 1 video of 3 new crossings in Pegram, TN.
182 pictures and 11 videos of 9 new crossings and 2 updated crossings in Portland, TN.
155 pictures and 4 videos of 6 new crossings in Springfield, TN.
123 pictures of 5 new crossings in White Bluff, TN.

Maybe not the largest or most interesting update, but I got the first entirely submission-based update done! All of the pictures and videos in this update come from Ethan the Railfanner.
There should be a legal limit as to how humid it can be on any given day during the summer here in the South...

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Ethan the Railfanner
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Re: Update #877

Post by Ethan the Railfanner » Thu Sep 26, 2019 4:23 pm

Errors I found that I didn't notice:

Gospel Street image name needs to fixed properly:

The letter H in Harmon needs to be captilzed in Picture 13:
http://www.rxrsignals.com/Tennessee/Cla ... rial_Park/

The title of the page should be, Dickson, TN Crossings:

Remove the text about the last remaining MI 12x24 lights on the whole line here, because I'm aware of not one, but two crossings that have MI 12x24s on the line.

Many things wrong; fix the size of the header, add in the title of the page, the total number of accidents is 4, the DOT number is 343797D, the total daily trains is 15 as of 2018, and page created by Ethan the Railfanner:

The header needs to resized properly:

Remove the ">" symbol:

EDIT: More errors I found:

The track view facing southeast is actually towards Matthews Lane in Cedar Hill:

The title of this page should be Belvedere Drive (Gallatin, TN):

The tile of this page should be Hogin Road (Dickson, TN):

On Picture 21, Change that to "Another WCH gate mechanism."
http://www.rxrsignals.com/Tennessee/Dic ... ll_Stuart/

Resize the West Hillcrest image properly:

The track view facing west is actually towards Matthews Lane in Cedar Hill:
http://www.rxrsignals.com/Tennessee/Spr ... d/Richard/
For 2019, I'll be making frequent trips back up to Kentucky, along with a few up in Ohio. I will see about getting RR Crossing Pictures in other parts of TN during 2019 as well. I may also see about getting out to South Carolina at some point for crossings as well, but that remains to be seen for right now.
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