My Trainz 12 Railroad Crossings View Video

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My Trainz 12 Railroad Crossings View Video

Post by Ethan the Railfanner » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:07 pm

I made this video called Trainz 12 Railroad Crossings View back in 2015, where I would show you all the crossings as a CSX locomotive would go through them. After the last crossing of the route, the CSX locomotive reverses, goes back and pulls a mixed freight train through the first crossing. As soon as I filmed this, it has since went viral. It has over 5 million views and I've been making so much money. BTW at the time I published this, I was about 12.

Ethan the Railfanner - The main railroad crossing photographer of Tennessee and Kentucky. Also a railroad crossing photographer in the Carolinas and Georgia.
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