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ZTrains Article

Post by Smjh1979 » Mon May 10, 2010 1:32 pm

This is one of the few times I get to say this:

My website has got a part on the Ztrains.com website Today! Check the right column near the middle of the page, and you'll see an area under the Coffee Break section showing my site.

Big thanks to Joe Szajko, John Cubbin for telling me about this, and www.Ztrains.com for thinking of my site.
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Re: ZTrains Article

Post by illinoistrains » Mon May 10, 2010 6:32 pm

wow, thats pretty cool. way to go.
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Re: ZTrains Article

Post by cabman701 » Mon May 10, 2010 7:10 pm

That is very cool mike! :TUP1:

I see they even used one of the signals from your last update as the background picture. :TUP2:
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Re: ZTrains Article

Post by luke » Mon May 10, 2010 10:23 pm

That's great to hear!
It's always nice to get featured by another site.
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Re: ZTrains Article

Post by AndyWS » Tue May 11, 2010 10:38 am

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