New Addition to the waiting list

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New Addition to the waiting list

Post by Smjh1979 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:59 pm

As of Today, the difficulty rating has been removed, and replaced with a clock, with a time display.

What this clock means is showing how long it takes me to work on a full submission. The clock shown is the total combined time of all submissions submitted to me.

Say if I get one crossing in, and takes 25 minutes to work on, and then a few days later, I get another submission, and takes 15 minutes to work on, the clock display will show 40 minutes.

The clock does count for making graphics, resizing pictures, renumbering pictures (I still have to do this too many times, and adds unnecessary time to the clock), as well as website construction, and proofreading. The clock stops when the submission is fully completed, and uploaded to the server.

The clock will not be counted for periods that I take breaks on (and probably a good reason too, because with breaks, some submissions would be up in the 20+ hour range in some circumstances). I have a count-up timer that has been installed on my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop that counts the accumulating time.

Also note that some times may be very short, due to other people doing most of the work for me, and all I'd have to do is proofread their work. To those submitters, if you want to time yourself, go ahead but it isn't required at the moment, although I may request this at a later date, so if you can, obtain a count-up timer whenever possible, either by a kitchen timer, or a digital watch.

The clock display at the moment shows hours and minutes for the time being. I may add a seconds display if requested.

Any requests on the clock? I may tweak it during the next few weeks, and add/remove some options.
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Re: New Addition to the waiting list

Post by illinoistrains » Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:17 pm

I like that a lot better then the difficulty rating.
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