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Submission changes

Post by Smjh1979 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:05 pm

I've changed the rules a bit for the start of the new year. Here are a few highlights:

800x600 is no longer accepted.

1024x768 is the lowest file size accepted from now on.

4:3 pictures can now be as small as 1024x768 to as high as 1600x1200.
3:2 pictures can now be as small as 1200x800 to as high as 1600x1067.
16:9 widescreen pictures can be as small as 1280x720 to as high as 1422x800.

How to tell if you have 4:3 pictures or 3:2 is easy... Divide the larger number by the smaller number. If you get 1.33333 or close to it, you have a 4:3 picture. If you get 1.5 as an answer, you have a 3:2 picture. 16:9 should be easy enough to tell, but if you get 1.77777 or a number close to it, then you have a 16:9 picture.

File size limits have been raised from 500 KB to 1 MB.

DOT numbers in the past were strongly encouraged. Now they are mandatory, since a December submission had a DOT number on the mast of a signal, and was not obtained, and the FRA had no records of the crossing.

iPhone cell phone cameras will be allowed to be submitted, as long as they are over 1024x768 resolution. Ask for other camera models.
Still pictures taken from High Definition camcorders will now be allowed, since they take very good pictures. Hard drive camcorders are still not allowed, since they are still 640x480 resolution.

Read more here:
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Go Changes Go!

Post by SantaFebuff » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:39 pm

I like those changes. I seem to have followed these guidelines already. A good thing they are now set in the all mighty stone of Times New Roman font!


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