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Changes to the Site/Forum

Post by mlgillson » Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:22 am

With Mike (Smjh1979) being out indefinitely, he has given control of the forum to TrainmanKight and control of the site outside of the forum to myself (mlgillson). The forum will continue to operate normally with no forseeable changes. Updates to the site are currently suspended and should resume in the near future. When updates do resume, they will be much less frequent than before. More information will be given when that time comes.

Questions or comments relating to the site or forum should not be directed to Mike. He has enough on his plate already with his current health situation and doesn't need to be burdened. Well wishes can be sent his way. Any questions or comments relating to the forum should be directed to TrainmanKight. Any questions or comments relating to the rest of the site should be directed to me.

Questions? Comments? Post them here. We want to hear them.
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