Update #867

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Update #867

Post by TommyBNSF » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:31 pm

191 new pictures and 8 new videos of 7 new and 3 updated crossings from Chatfield, OH
102 new pictures of 4 new crossings of Hoytville, OH
137 new pictures and 3 new videos of 5 new crossings from Kirkpatrick, OH
362 new pictures and 2 new videos of 14 new crossings from McComb, OH
31 new pictures and 2 new videos of 9 updated crossings from Monroeville, OH
4 new videos of 4 updated crossings from Old Fort, OH
162 new pictures and 1 new video of 6 new crossings from Prospect, OH
311 new pictures and 4 new videos of 13 new crossings from Van Buren, OH

Small update this time, but hopefully next month will be bigger.
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Re: Update #867

Post by freebrickproductions » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:25 pm

Nice update!
The only error I noticed was that the title of this page (in the tab) wasn't ever changed:
http://www.rxrsignals.com/Ohio/A-K/Chat ... okensword/
There should be a legal limit as to how humid it can be on any given day during the summer here in the South...

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