All pictures were taken by Brian556 sometime in June 2006.




Here's a weird looking defunct crossing. No mast lights, and no cantilever shown in picture 2!

Both signals have Safetran mechanical bells.

Most lights are 12"x20" Safetran incandescents, alhtough one of the hanging lights are 12"x24" Safetran incandescents.


The FRA mistakenly says that this crossing name is "Grove St.".


Want to see the crossing in Google Street View?,+-85.3205700&sll=35.039308,-85.320768&sspn=0.016128,0.043945&ie=UTF8&ll=35.041469,-85.320575&spn=0.008064,0.021973&z=16&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=35.039572,-85.320644&panoid=6CiWpCUaFqeFzywouBnfKg&cbp=12,20.64243699417699,,0,-6.046244941224734