Western Signal
Eastern Signal
Bell:NEG E Bell
NEG E Bell
Base: Siemens
Main Lights: Three 12"x24" GE Dotted LEDs in Safetran frames
One 12"x24" UP LED in a Safetran frame
2 pairs of 12"x24" GE Dotted LEDs in Safetran frames
Gate Lights: 4" RECO
Gate Mechanism: Siemens
Gate Striping: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ||||||||||||||///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Crossbuck font:
Normal font, double sided
Normal font, double sided
Bell Cycle: Unknown

Pictures 1-4 were taken in 2006 by Brenton81.
Pictures 5-30 were taken on January 21, 2017, by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on the UP Kenosha Sub.

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Photos from 2006 by Brenton81 showing a very neat old Griswold EM setup.  Both signals had 8" Safetran? frames with UP LEDs inside them and the western signal had a Griswold mechanical bell.

By early 2015, blue DOT signs were added to these signals.
In mid 2015, both EM signals were replaced with 2 newer Safetran style signals.

5 6
Overview of the newer setup facing west.
Overview facing east.
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The eastern signal.
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The western signal.  Not sure why there's one UP LED on this signal.
27 28 29 30
The relay case in the northwest quadrant.
The grade is all wood.
Track view facing north towards 31st St.
Track view facing south towards 91st St.