All pictures were taken on January 21, 2017, by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on a few yard tracks used by Metra coming off of the UP Kenosha Branch next to the Kenosha Metra station.  The tracks are usually used to store extra trainsets overnight and during weekends.

1 2
Overview of 2 crossbucks with stop signs facing west.
Overview facing east.
3 4
The eastern crossbuck.
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The western crossbuck.  This is the only crossing I've found so far with UP's original blue DOT sign.  These were only used on passive crossings, and most of those have been replaced by with the newer standard blue DOT signs you see everywhere.
8 9
The grade is all concrete.
Track view facing north towards the end of the line.
10 11 12
Some views of Metra trains being stored in Kenosha.  Since it's Saturday, these sets are not needed for the weekend.