>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Western Signal Eastern Signal
Bell: WCH Type 2 E Bell WCH Type 2 E Bell
Cantilever: Walpar Cantilever Walpar Cantilever
Mast Base: Fabricated Metals 5" Single Sided Fabricated Metals 5" Single Sided

5 - 12"x20" GRS LEX-C incandescents
2 - 12"x24" WCH w/ Leotek EV LEDs
1 - 12"x24" WCH w/ 2nd Gen WCH LED

8 - 12"x20" GRS LEX-C incandescents

Junction Boxes: WRRS WRRS
Gate Lights: 4" RECO LEDs 4" RECO LEDs
Gate Mechanism: Siemens Imprinted Siemens Imprinted
Gate Striping: Vertical Striping Vertical Striping

All pictures were taken on January 22, 2020, by Tommy McGowan.
The video was taken on August 21, 2020, by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on the CSX, formerly CN, Eldson Sub.

G1 G2
Low quality Streetview pictures from 2007 showing 2 Walpar cantilevers with a full set of 12"x20" GRS LEX-C lights, no bells, and very old WRRS or GRS gate mechanisms.
G3 G4
By the early 2010s, CN had replaced these with newer US&S gate masts. Unlike Wood St. #1, CN opted not to install rear lights on these masts for some reason, leaving the existing LEX-C lights on the cantilevers. By 2018, after the CSX takeover of this line, they installed even newer gate masts with Siemens gate mechanisms and WCH E Bells. They hadn't replaced any of the lights at that time, but by 2019, some of the LEX-C lights on the western signal were replaced.
1 2
Overview of the updated setup facing east. Overview facing west.
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The western signal.
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The eastern signal.
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The relay bungalow in the southwest quadrant. The grade is all concrete. Track view facing west at Wood St. #1. Track view facing east at Ashland Ave. #1.