Northern Signal
Southern Signal
Bell:GS Type 2 E Bell
Base: US&S Single Sided
US&S Single Sided
LED Types: Eight Harmon Fading LEDs
Six Harmon Fading LEDs
Light Frames: Eight 12"x24" US&S frames Six 12"x24" US&S frames
Junction Boxes: US&S
Gate Lights: 4" RECO LEDs
Gate Mechanism: US&S Model 95 Style 1
US&S Model 95 Style 1
Gate Striping: ////////////////////////////////////||////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Crossbuck font:
Normal font, double sided
Normal font, double sided
Bell Cycle: Rings from startup to when the gates start rising

Pictures 1-10 were taken in November 2008.
Pictures 11-39 were taken on January 14, 2016.
The video was taken on February 26, 2021.
All pictures and video were taken by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on the BNSF Aurora Sub.

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Photos from November 2008.  I got here just in time to see the old gateless signals before they were replaced.  At first, I thought maybe they were just being moved because it looked like the southern signal had been moved already, but of course I was wrong.  Note in Picture 9 that both the old and new relay cases have the power off light turned on.
The old signals had 12"x20" WCH incandescents, WRRS bases, and a GS Type 2 E Bell.

The new signals were installed later in 2008 or very early 2009.  The only changes the new signals have seen since have been the replacement of the crossbucks with double sided ones and the addition of blue DOT signs.

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Overview of the newer signals facing north.
Overview facing south.
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The newer southern signal.
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The newer northern signal.
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The relay bungalow in the northeast quadrant.
The grade is all concrete.
Track view facing west at Sycamore St.
Track view facing east towards Sandwich Rd.