Northern Signal
Southern Signal
Bell: Safetran Type 3 E Bell Low Tone
Base: Safetran Double Sided
Safetran Double Sided
Main Lights: Four 12"x20" Safetran incandescents
Four 12"x20" Safetran incandescents
Junction Box: Safetran
Gate Lights: 4" NEG incandescents
4" NEG incandescents
Gate Mechanism: Safetran 2000s
Safetran 2000s
Gate Striping: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////
Crossbuck font:
Normal font
Normal font
Bell Cycle: Rings from startup to when the gates start rising N/A

All pictures were taken on November 25, 2016, by Tommy McGowan.
The video was taken on May 1, 2020, by Tommy McGowan.
This crossing is located on the NS Kankakee District.

Overview of 2 gated signals facing south.
Overview facing north.
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9 10 11
The northern signal.  The DOT signs are still facing sideways for some reason.
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19 20 21
The southern signal.  This still retains its old white DOT sign.
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The relay bungalow in the northeast quadrant.
The grade is rubber and asphalt.
Track view facing west towards S. 14000W Rd.
Track view facing east towards S. 12000W Rd.