Sad news for Atherton Sibley Rd in Atherton, MO.

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Sad news for Atherton Sibley Rd in Atherton, MO.

Post by Nascar Fan007 » Thu Apr 21, 2022 8:11 pm

Well this is some sad news for sure. Last weekend I went out railfanning over on the UP Kansas Sub, BNSF Marceline Sub, and the UP Sedalia Sub to film some crossings on that line before Easter Sunday came since I wasn't going to film on Easter. The main reason I went to the Marceline Sub was because I heard word that BNSF was going to be replacing the searchlights, and the old ATSF era signals at the Atherton Sibley Rd crossing in Atherton, MO.

The last ever video I've took of the crossing before BNSF replaced the searchlights and the crossing signals.

I was hoping to get to get a vid of the old signals in action before BNSF replaced them, but by the time I got to the crossing, the new signals have already been in place, but the searchlights were still standing (or at the time of the vid I took, they was still up), however, the searchlights were on their way out since BNSF had newer Vader style signals waiting to be turned around to be activated.

The vid of the new signals in action that I've took on 4-16-22. It's a real shame the searchlights had to go since this crossing was an iconic one in the Kansas City area. I believe this means that there are no more active searchlights in the KC area anymore as I also heard that the searchlights in Birmingham got replaced as well. Those searchlights stood at the diamond where the NS KC District, and the CP Trenton Sub cross at. I also heard that 5th St, and Arlington Ave #2 had their crossing signals replaced as well. I will try to head up to that area to confirm. I'm certainly glad I was able to film this crossing in action with the old setup in place. I will return to the crossing once the construction wraps up.
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