Washington Street, Franklin, KY

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Washington Street, Franklin, KY

Post by freebrickproductions » Thu Aug 04, 2022 5:08 pm

*originally recorded on 6-1-22*

Far signal on the left: 4 pairs of Safetran 12x24 inch lights and a General Signals Type 1 electronic bell.
Near signal on the left: 3 pairs of Modern Industries 12x20 inch lights.

On June 1st, my friend Zac and I left Alabama to drive up to the Chicago area for the Whinny City Pony Convention. We were caravanning up there with a couple of friends of ours who were vending at the convention and we had been planning on doing some railfanning on the way up (I was thinking hopefully along the CSX Mainline Sub and/or around the Indianapolis, IN area). Unfortunately, the people we were caravanning with kept having car troubles so we eventually rendezvoused with them in downtown Franklin to try and take some of the merch load off of their car, to see if it would help any. While here, this southbound mixed freight started to get close, so I quickly ran over to this crossing and set-up to record it. Soon after, the southbound mixed freight rolled through with an ES44AH leading an AC44CW on the head-end and an ES40DC and ET44AH working as the mid-train DPUs.
While the removing of the load seemed to help a little bit for their car, unfortunately they'd wind-up hitting a pothole on I-65 just outside of Wolcott, IN, in the middle of the night and we wound-up having to camp-out at the rest area near there the rest of the night. I'd hoped to be able to go out to the BNSF Mendota Sub and meet-up with TommyBNSF the following day. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do this due to how late we wound-up arriving in the Chicago area (and due to how tired we were). Oh well, there's always 2023 I guess.

Despite the "fun" car problems (which will show-up again in the description of a future video, BTW), I'm still quite glad I was able to record this rather neat little crossing. The signals here appear to have been installed by the L&N back in the 1970s, but in the late-90s, the far signal had all of its lights replaced with the current Safetran 12x24s and the bell replaced with the current GS Type 1. Thankfully, since then, no major changes appear to have occurred here and the closer signal appears to have remained pretty much entirely original.
This crossing is also one I've been wanting to record for years, thanks to its unusual set-up. Thanks to the side street next to the tracks here, there wasn't really any room into install the closer signal where it would normally go. As such, the L&N chose to install it on the left-hand side of the street, putting both signals on the same side of the road. Rather than using a cantilever though, the L&N chose to just install a mast signal here, which makes the set-up look even more unusual, IMHO. Hopefully these signals remain unchanged for many more years to come, but either way, I'm quite glad I was able to record this crossing.

http://www.rxrsignals.com/Kentucky/A-K/ ... ashington/
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