Scott Drive, Clanton, AL

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Scott Drive, Clanton, AL

Post by freebrickproductions » Sun May 07, 2023 1:27 pm

*originally recorded on 4-23-23*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of Safetran 12x24 inch lights, a nearly-dead General Signals (Type 2?) electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, and RECO LED gate lights.
Signal on the right: 3 pairs of Safetran 12x24 inch lights, a dead General Signals (Type 2?) electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, RECO LED gate lights, and an NEG LED gate light.

After getting that second southbound mixed freight in Marbury, I returned to Clanton for at least one more crossing. After a little bit of waiting here, this CSX C238 came flying through with a pair of ES44AHs for power. After this, as it was starting to get dark, I went and got myself some supper before heading on home.
You can also hear the nearby Clanton/MP 450.0 detector do its entry read-out as the train's passing.

This crossing is another nice one, featuring another almost fully original early-2000s CSX install. As this one was also still almost entirely original, I decided to go film it as I wanted to record another one of these. Unfortunately, like with the previous early-2000s CSX install I filmed on this day, both bells here are also quite messed-up. Like with that one, the closer bell here also sounds like it's completely dead. However, on the other side, it sounds like the bell rings exactly once with a noticeably off-key note at the start, and then that bell stays silent the rest of the time the gates are lowering.
A bit amusing how both of the early-2000s CSX installs I filmed on this day had dead/dying bells at them.
They/Them for me, please.

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