Wayside Signal Parts Request

This part is for people who are looking for particular wayside signal parts or complete signals themselves. Do not put crossing signal parts in this forum.

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Wayside Signal Parts Request

Post by rmitchelljr » Sun May 17, 2009 6:48 pm

Hello all. Stumbled across your board and it looks like it has some great information. Here is a little about me and current projects.

Mag-Flag Wigwag.

The wig-wag has been redone and is operational. I have a brand new banner that I put on it. It looks great. I just recently acquired a short cast iron instrument case that I plan on putting a long pole and a friend is going to construct the out rigger to mount the wig-wag on. I have not decided if I will put a crossbuck on this assembly or not. I have been promised an old cast iron crossbuck but I do not have it yet.

Needed: I have two of the three steps for the pole I need. They are the early model designed for the 4 inch pole. They are not the newer, single strand wrap around models.

US&S Highway Crossing Flasher.

I am about 40 percent into a complete restore on a 1930 circa US&S highway flasher assembly. It has four 8 inch lenses and it is super heavy. I have it all broke down and will be sending various pieces to the sandblaster over the next month. I will be mounting it on a 4 inch pole with a Western Cullen mechanical bell on top with the beaded crossbuck sign.

Needed: I desperatley need the cover over the wiring box on the tree made by Union Signal. It is the box cover sort of shaped like home plate. I have a cover for it now but a US&S one would complete the restore.

H-2 Searchlights.

I have a five inch pole and base with two US&S Searchlights. Everything works and I have a dwarf signal with the red and lunar mechanism. I will be repainting and cleaning up as they have been out of service for years.


I need the close up prism bullseye assembly for the H-2, a phankill for the dwarf, and the post mounting bracket for the dwarf. I also need a US&S H-2 flasher relay FN-27.

Well, lets hear what you are working on. If you can help me with any of the items needed, please contact me at:



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